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Le Commandant Charcot, 15 Night From the St Lawrence to Greenland, the Last Moments of Winter ex St Pierre, St Pierre & Miquelon to Reykjavi

15 Night Cruise sailing from St Pierre, St Pierre & Miquelon onboard Le Commandant Charcot

Thursday, 6th March 2025
Le Commandant Charcot
Pricing is From and Per Person
Cabin Twin Triple Quad Single

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With featured guest Cindy Miller Hopkins, American Photo Ambassador.

Once again, Le Commandant Charcot will convey you towards unexpected horizons, towards still little-known perspectives. You will be enveloped in the comfort of a ship unlike any other while the polar world reveals itself throughout your exploration. From the shores of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, your journey will take you to the south-western coast of Greenland for timeless moments. The snow-covered northern forests make way for the icy scenery of Greenland where the local communities await to share their unique culture with you. At the end of winter, take the time to appreciate the emotions you will feel, to contemplate the dreamlike landscapes of the Far North and to let yourself be surprised by the unknown.

The winter will soon draw to a close. Although the ice break-up has begun in the waters of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, the tops of the conifers making up this northern forest are still covered in a white veil. Nature seems frozen, yet its whisper may be heard by those who know how to listen. You will discover the Magdalen Islands during a port of call in Cap-aux-Meules and through various activities such as a walk on its frozen beaches. From the sea, the cliffs of the Gaspé Peninsula hide the mysteries of the hinterland, which is full of promise. Among the winter activities on offer are: discovering the Forillon National Park, snow-shoeing in L’Anse-au-Griffon Valley and meeting the Micmac, one of the First Nations of the Canadian provinces. On the coast of the legendary island of Newfoundland, you will explore Corner Brook and its ski resorts, with their magnificent panoramas.

It will now be time to leave the North American continent, sail down the Strait of Belle Isle and reach the ice-covered south-western coast of Greenland, a first for a cruise line during this season. Time stands still before this immensity, where the ice has taken over the terrain. Drifting icebergs, broken-up ice floe, majestic fjords, jagged mountains: the white unveils its nuances across changing decors. In the heart of this nature, which will leave you with an indescribable feeling of serenity, the encounters with the local Inuit communities will be magical. Here, where a warm welcome is part of the way of life, the inhabitants of the Far North will enthusiastically share their traditions with you. Through activities designed in collaboration with our Greenlandic hosts, you will rediscover the region. From magical moments to unforgettable memories, this journey to the boundaries of the world will be sure to surprise you.

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We are privileged guests in these extreme lands where we are at the mercy of weather and ice conditions. Our navigation, mainly in the fjords, will be determined by the type of ice we come across; as the fast ice must be preserved, we will take this into account from day to day in our itineraries. The sailing programme, outings, activities and observation of fauna cannot be guaranteed and are subject to weather and ice conditions. The experiences are unique and vary from day to day and for each departure. The Captain and the Expedition Leader will make every effort to ensure that your experience is as rich as possible, while respecting safety instructions and regulations imposed by the AECO.

Cruise Itinerary
Date Activity Arrive Depart
06/03/25 St Pierre, St Pierre & Miquelon 6:00 PM
07/03/25 At sea - -
08/03/25 Magdalene Islands, Canada
09/03/25 Gaspe, Quebec. Canada
10/03/25 Gulf Of St. Lawrence
11/03/25 Corner Brook, New Foundland, Canada
12/03/25 Strait of Belle Isle
13/03/25 At sea - -
14/03/25 Qaqortoq, Greenland
15/03/25 Narsalik, Greenland
16/03/25 Narsaq, Greenland
17/03/25 Nanortalik, Greenland
18/03/25 Cape Farewell, Greenland
19/03/25 At sea - -
20/03/25 At sea - -
21/03/25 Reykjavik, Iceland
Itinerary may vary by sailing date and itineraries may be changed at the cruise lines discretion. Please check itinerary details at time of booking and before booking other travel services such as airline tickets.

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