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Innvikfjorden, Norway

Sailing through the Norwegian fjords is one of the great maritime experiences. Formed during the Ice Age when the glaciers retreated, the deep valleys and narrow inlets were flooded with seawater creating these natural wonders. Thanks to the warmth of the Gulf Stream these natural wonders are virtually ice free and easily explored. Nordfjord, located in western Norway, is astonishingly beautiful and diverse. You'll find peaceful valleys and well-kept farms, as well as gleaming glaciers, foaming waterfalls, and towering, snow-capped mountains. The mountains plunge from altitudes of a few thousand metres, straight down into the seawater. The sixth longest in Norway, Nordfjord's deep-blue waters stretch 106 km (66 miles) from Stad on the coast, deep into the town of Stryn on the east. It also flows past a lovely collection of picture-postcard coastal towns and villages on the way.

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