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Middle Percy Island, QLD Australia

Part of the Northumberland group, 70 nautical miles south-east of Mackay, the Percy Isles are a stunningly beautiful place of shimmering beaches and wooded hilltops - a Robinson Crusoe island rising from the indigo depths of the Coral Sea. Although only a day or two's sail from the southern Whitsunday islands, the islands are rarely visited except by cruising yachts and has never been exposed to tourism.

North East Percy and South Percy islands were gazetted as national parks over 70 years ago, placing them among the oldest national parks in Queensland. A conservation park on Middle Percy Island allows for some historical uses to continue. Bush camping and private accommodation on the island are managed by the lessee of the conservation park. While other domestic animals are not permitted, dogs on a leash are permitted on the walking tracks only on the Middle Percy Island Conservation Park, but not in the rest of this island which is part of the Percy Isles National Park.

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