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Melville Island, Canada

Melville Island is a vast, uninhabited member of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, Canada. It is the 33rd largest island in the world and Canada's eighth largest island. Melville Island is shared by the Northwest Territories, which is responsible for the western half of the island, and Nunavut, which is responsible for the eastern half. The border runs along the 110th meridian west. The mountains on Melville Island, are some of the largest in the western Canadian Arctic and reach heights of one kilometre.

The island has little or no vegetation. However a diverse animal population exists: Polar Bear, Peary, Caribou, Musk Ox, Northern Collared Lemming, Arctic Wolf, Arctic Fox, Arctic Hare and Ermine (Stoat) are common. Melville Island is one of two major breeding grounds for a small sea goose, the Western High Arctic Brant. DNA analysis and field observations suggest that these birds may be distinct from other brant stocks. Numbering only 4,000-8,000 birds, this is one of the rarest goose stocks in the world.

Things to See & Do

* Arctic scenery
* View wildlife

Cruise Season - May - Oct
Currency - Canadian dollar ($) (CAD)
Language - Inuit Language (Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtun), English, French
Population - 0
Land Area - 42,149 km²
Electricity - 2 round pins European style
Time - GMT minus four hours
International Country Telephone Code - +709

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