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Tiwi Islands, Northern Territory, Australia

The Tiwi Islands are part of Australia's Northern Territory, 100 km north of Darwin where the Arafura Sea joins the Timor Sea. They comprise Melville Island and Bathurst Island, which are separated by Apsley Strait. The largest settlement, ‘Nguiu’ is located on Bathurst Island. The Tiwi islands were Inhabited before European settlement by the Tiwi indigenous Australians.

A visit to Bathurst Island will focus on the unique culture of the Tiwi people. Activities and attractions include a tour through the Nguiu community with a Tiwi guide, visits to the museum and Tiwi art centres, a Tiwi lookout and burial site and a Tiwi style Catholic Church. No visit to Bathurst Island would be complete without a tour of its arts and craft galleries. The Tiwi are known for their batik, silk-screened clothing, woven bangles, painted conch shells, carvings, pottery and decorated pukumani burial poles. The Tiwi people’s distinctive style is popular with collectors’ world-wide.

Melville Island is also home to the Tiwi Aboriginals. There is little infrastructure on the island, and is not open to the public for tourism, except on an organised tour.

Things to see and do

* Art & craft galleries
* Preserved wooden church
* Nguiu community tour
* Tiwi Islands Art Sale
* Museum

Cruise Season – Jan - Dec
Currency – Australian Dollar (AUD)
Language – English
Land Area - 8,320 km2
Population – 2,500 approx
Time – GMT plus ten hours
Electricity - 2 angled pins and 1 flat pin centered below Australian style
International Country Telephone Code – 61

Port Location – The port is located on Bathurst Island at the main settlement of Nguiu.

Travel Links – A commercial flight operator, Fly Tiwi, connects both islands to each other and to Darwin. Formed as an association between Hardy Aviation and the Tiwi Land Council, Fly Tiwi has daily flights to all three communities on the islands.
The Arafura Pearl ferry connects Nguiu and Darwin, and makes the two hour trip each way on three days a week.

Port Overview

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