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Surtsey, Westmann Isles, Iceland

Surtsey is a volcanic island off the southern coast of Iceland, formed by a volcanic eruption which occurred in 1963 and lasted til June 1967. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008 and was intensively studied by volcanologists during its eruption, and afterwards by botanists and biologists as life forms gradually colonised the originally barren island.

Surtsey was originally barren, however since 1965 69 species of plant and 12 species of bird life have been identified on the island. There is abundant marine life on and around the island and many insects have been discovered.

General Information

Cruise Season – May - Oct
Currency – Icelandic króna (ISK)
Language – Icelandic
Land Area – 1.4km²
Electricity – 2 round pins European style
Time – GMT plus zero hours
International Country Telephone Code + 354

Travel Links – The Westmann Islands are connected to the rest of Iceland by a ferry and air access is via Vestmannaeyjar Airport.

Port Overview

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