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Aranui Cruises

Aranui Cruises

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The French polynesia cruise adventures aboard the Aranui freighter cruise lines take you to the remote Marquesas Islands, far from the routes of typical Tahiti cruise tours. Aranui adventure cruise vacations in the Marquesas Islands are unlike any other south pacific cruise vacations, Tahiti tours, or Tahiti cruise. The excitement of Aranui adventure cruise vacations is beyond compare among south pacific cruises or French Polynesia cruise; even when compared to Tahiti cruise tours. Beat Tahiti tour traffic jams, let Aranui adventure cruise vacations carry you away to the peaceful Marquesas islands!


All meals are included in the price of carriage. Meals are served in the Aranui's dining room in an informal setting. Depending on the number of passengers, there will be one or two seatings. There is buffet breakfast. Lunch and dinner menus will vary depending on what fresh ingredients are available. Complimentary wine is provided at both lunch and dinner.

For shore excursions, you will also be provided with either a picnic lunch or a delicious meal at a local restaurant.


Onboard Tips are included in your passenger fare.