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Sea Trek Sailing Adventures

Sea Trek Sailing Adventures

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Sea Trek’s sailing adventures bring you to ‘the ends of the Earth’. In the wake of discoverers like Magellan, Cook, Tasman and Wallace our sailing adventures explore the area known as the ‘Ring of Fire’, in particular the string of volcanic islands stretching out east of Bali as far as the Philippines.

You will set foot ashore in Lombok and Sumbawa, meet the dragons of Komodo, hike up to the coloured volcanic lakes of Flores and visit traditional tribal whale hunters in Lembata. For those with a true taste for adventure, SeaTrek voyages drift into the distant timeless regions of Papua where to this day it is possible to meet tribes living in quasi-stone age conditions.

For those seeking to experience history first hand, we offer adventures that follow the spice trade to the Banda Islands and north to Ternate and from Halmahera all the way to Raja Ampat, following in the wake of legends who made history with their perseverance and discoveries.


The dining experience… often mentioned as one of the biggest assets on the Katharina, our chef. Guests have suggested that he should write a cooking book, all the things he can make with the local fresh food (often fish of course!) are amazing. The variety and the mix between western- and Indonesian food is very well balanced.


As a guide usually guests would leave approx USD 50 in total for tipping. The cruise director divides this between the 14 members of the crew.

Children Are Welcome

Children: there is not a official policy. The Family Cabin is often booked by guests that have 2 small children (up to 10 years), or with one child above 10 years. We would suggests that the cruise is best suitable for kids above 5 years old, but than again, we have had 2 families last year with kids around 2 and 4 years, that just loved it…. Our crew usually really helps parents out with their kids by taking care of them so dad and mum also have a break as well.