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Movenpick Nile Cruises

Movenpick Nile Cruises

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Movenpick offers A Perfect Blend of Proverbial Swiss Hospitality, Egyptian Generosity. They operate a number of first class deluxe vessels on the Nile and Lake Nasser.

Nile River Cruise is the most fascinated tour in Egypt, along the banks of the River Nile; you can enjoy Egypt's magnificent temples and monuments belonging to various eras and civilizations. Travel to Edfu, Kom Ombo as well as Aswan and Luxor, Nile river vacation give you the chance to visit Karnak, Luxor temple, Valley of the Kings, Philae and many other locations.


Onboard Prince Abbas:

Located on the Restaurant Deck, the Main Restaurant seats 128 guests around 16 round tables. Two curved staircases bring you to the front of the restaurant where the first crescent-shaped buffet counter is located. At the opposite end of the restaurant, a second crescent-shaped buffet counter symmetrical to the first enhances the regal atmosphere of the banquets once enjoyed by Egyptian Royalty. With approximately 2.7 square metres per person (14.5m x 24m), personal space and comfort guarantee a fine dining experience

Onboard Radamis I:

The Orangerie restaurant on Mövenpick Radamis I offer fine dining á la Mövenpick with international and local delights. Barbecues are served on the Sun Deck Terrace.

Onboard Radamis II:

On Radamis II, the main restaurant, also the Orangerie serves a varied choice of menus and gourmet cuisine while barbeques are offered on the sun deck.