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Affinity Cruises

Affinity Cruises

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Come aboard the vessel Affinity and soak up the atmosphere in the region with heart – Marlborough or explore the beaches of Stewart Island or the ever changing moods of Magnificent Fiordland.

'It’s more than a holiday – it’s an experience'

At the very heart of every Affinity Cruise is our passion for, and the desire to share with you three of New Zealand’s premier destinations: the alluring Marlborough Sounds, the glowing skies of the Southern lights at Stewart Island and the dramatic landscapes of mystical Fiordland.

Affinity cruises is a family owned and operated charter vessel that has been operating since 1996 and specialises in overnight cruising in the Marlborough Sounds, around Stewart Island and in Fiordland, in the South Island of New Zealand.



The nature of the vessel and her itineraries means that cruises are targeted at the adult market. Children over 15 are welcome on standard cruises at full adult price.

Family Charters

In the event a family or families charter the vessel then activites fro children maybe able to be included by arrangment at the time of booking.

The following Child rates only apply to exclusive charters. 0-2 yrs, no charge, 2-10 yrs 60% of full rate, 10-15 years 70% of full rate, 15+ full rate applies.