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Amrum, Germany

Amrum is is one of the North Frisian Islands on the German North Sea coast, south of Sylt and west of Föhr. The island is divided into three municipalities: Norddorf, Nebel and Wittdün. The northernmost settlement is the seaside resort of Norddorf with a decoy pond and a sector light. Amrum's largest village, Nebel, is located near the eastern coastline. Notable sights there include the church of St. Clement, the Öömrang Hüs - a museum of local history, a wind mill and the Cemetery of the Homeless. Süddorf, today a district of Nebel, is the island's oldest hamlet. The Amrum Lighthouse is located there. Steenodde, also a neighbourhood of Nebel, had long been Amrum's only port until Wittdün, founded 1890, had taken over as the island's major ferry terminal. Of the three municipalities, Wittdün is most clearly influenced by tourism.

Plants and wild animals on Amrum are marked by the proximity to the sea, but some also distinguish themselves by extreme rarity and a high ecological value worth of protection. Like the vegetation, Amrum's wild beasts are determined by the island's location within the North Sea. Thus there are only a few species of wild mammals on Amrum, like hare, mice, hedgehogs and bats.

Things to See & Do

* Towns of Nebel, Wittdun and Norddorf
* Church of St. Clement
* Amrum Lighthouse
* Öömrang Hüs - a museum of local history
* Flora & fauna

General Information

Cruise Season – March to Dec
Currency – Euro (€) (EUR)
Language – German
Land Area – 20.46 km²
Population – 2,280 approx.
Electricity – 2 round pins European style
Time - GMT/UTC plus one hour
International Country Telephone Code – + 49

Port Location – Amrum's port terminal is located at Wittdün.

Travel Links - The isle is connected to Föhr and to the mainland harbour of Dagebüll on the one hand and to the Halligen and the mainland terminal of Schlüttsiel on the other hand by two ferry routes. Most tourists will reach Amrum via Dagebüll. From there, a ferry will need 90 minutes to reach the island on a straight route, the more common routes with a stop at Wyk auf Föhr need 120 minutes of time.

Port Overview

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