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Corvo Island, Azores, Portugal

The bottom of volcanic cones with legends that speak of the unknown. Houses piled up the side of a ravine facing the sea. The vastness of the views. The simple, calm life of a small community. The charms of Corvo, a tiny island, a green drop in the greatness of a turquoise ocean.

The islands of Corvo and Flores, 15 miles apart, form the Western group of the Azores Archipelago. Volcanic in origin, Corvo is the smallest island in the Archipelago, with an area of 17.5 Km2 and 400 inhabitants. The municipal center is at Vila Nova do Corvo.

Corvo Highlights:
The Caldeirao - situated on Monte Grosso, crater of the volcano which gave origin to the island. At the crater's bottom are two lakes dotted with tiny islets.
To the Southwest rise two unusual rock formations in basalt which are called Cavaleiro and Marco.
Small windmills. Stout buildings in black stone, they have an ingenious mechanism in their interiors which turns the cupola so that its triangular sails are constantly in the wind. Corvo's windmills are different from windmills on the other islands, and are more like those left by the Moors on the Portuguese continent.
The smallest island of the Azores Archipelago is also rich in handicrafts. These are represented by the traditional wool hats and bonnets, with the most typical colour being dark blue with a white stripe.

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